At Craig Estates, we are not in the business of “selling” our clients anything, but rather of serving them. For a Seller we correctly assess the strengths and weaknesses of their property. Then we recommend a strategy to enhance those strengths and remedy those weaknesses. We then formulate a marketing strategy to attract the best Buyer and implement that plan, all the while keeping the Seller updated.

For a Buyer the first step is diagnostic as well to determine what it is they want and best match that with their finances. Next we show the Buyer the best available candidates and get further feed back from the Buyer. Then we hunt for just the right property until we find it and secure it for our client.

We never “sell” a Buyer a home, which seems to us more manipulative than serving. We spend our energies assisting our clients in clearly defining what it is they want to achieve and then finding it for them. Since the inception of Craig Estates in 1997, we have had the pleasure of serving hundreds of clients in this manner. This approach may not be a popular business model in the real estate community, but we believe there is great demand for such service in the market place.

We look forward to serving you in your next real estate transaction.

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"The Sign of a Superior Home"
"The Sign of a Superior Home"